21 y.o./Bi-sexual
Asshole Type: Winking Star
Step one when identifying a Winking Star is to make sure it's not actually a Crinkly Wrinkly. Once you've been able to determine that, it all comes down to one thing. The folds of skin or "wrinkles" must all fan out from one central point, the anal opening, in straight lines, which give it its star-like look.
What was your first anal experience?
My boyfriend was fucking me in my favorite position (doggie style), when he just slipped a finger in my ass. It felt so good, I just started cumming like crazy. I haven't cum that hard in awhile!
Where can I see more of your asshole?
You can see more of my asshole, plus pictures and movies of lots of other girls and their buttholes on ASSHOLEKINGDOM.COM!