Asshole Type: Rising Ring
The Rising Ring is probably the easiest hole to identify. The rising ring of flesh surrounding the anus gives it its name, and is often also referred to as "asslips".

Age: 26
Measurements: 34-27-36
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Sexual Pref: Straight (Caucasian Males)
Do you enjoy anal sex/play?

I like it, but only if the man goes slow at first. After that, I like it a little rough.
What was your first anal experience?
In the back of a boyfriend's van. He was an American man, and he showed me what anal sex was all about. I think that's part of the reason why I like American men so much now.
What is your favorite anal activity?
Having my asshole licked is my favorite.
What is your favorite anal position?
Probably doggy style.

Do you cum from anal sex/play?
Do you have an anal fantasy?
A cop pulls me over for speeding, and I pay my debt to society with my ass in the back of the police car.